Nick Morolda is the newest & youngest member of the band. He is also a talented musician with a music degree from New Jersey City University and a Masters degree from UCLA. Nick plays a variety of instruments including guitar, piano and bass. But in this band he has been the driving bass beat since May 2011.

Initially Nick answered a funny ad set up by Paul & Matt on craigslist (definitely ask him about it) and the next thing you know he was on stage with the band learning news songs by the dozen each month. He brings a fresh attitude & unique perspective to the band and his youthful energy can't be denied. Nick's mother's family name is Maguire and he has always had an interest in playing Irish music. Besides his musical talents, being a fan of the Pogues and U2 certainly has helped him catch on quickly.

Currently Nick is scoring music in films for a variety of Independent Movie producers and travelling the country. In his spare time, he's been working on the new Irish songs & tunes as well as moonlighting in a rock band. He also expects to do some singing with the boys in the near future. You can look for big things to come from Nick Maguire Morolda down the road. Nick was born and raised and continues to live in Monroe, NJ.