Originally from Beaver County, in Western Pennsylvania, Bill Binkley began his music training at the age of 9. While attending West Chester University, he was a member of the Philadelphia Youth Orchestra and traveled all over the world with the group. Billy Graduated from WCU in 1987 with a Bachelor of Science in Music Education and a Bachelor of Music in Violin Performance, and from Cabrini College in 2011 with a Master of Education. He began teaching Elementary Music in his now-home-town of West Chester in 1987... being much too snobby at that point to even dream of playing Irish Traditional Music. In 1998 Billy met Patrick Close. Pat convinced him to sit in with Causeway a couple of times and eventually hired him to be Causeway's new fiddle player. Billy played with Causeway for the subsequent 12 years at Pub, Clubs, Festivals and Concerts all across the Delaware Valley and beyond.
Since Causeway's final show, He has continued playing with groups such as The Brigade, The Craythur Brothers, McHenry & Clark, and Killen Clark, just to name a few.
Billy gained true notoriety at the 2005 Philadelphia St. Patrick's Day Parade where, in front of Channel 3's cameras, he fell from the float on which Causeway was performing on live TV. "The Fallen Fiddler" as he came to be known as, now brings his own unique and energetic flare for Irish music to the stage with the Paul Moore Band.